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Option Nepal

Children of Musahar community

Children of Musahar community, Dharampur,Thelia village of Saptari.

Children of Mushar (dalit)

Children of Musahar(dalit) community of Dharampur village in Saptari

Chair Person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani

Chair person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani is distributing warm clothes  in Saptari 2013

HR Magna Meet Rally

Participants of HR Magna Meet Rally 2011

HR Magna Meet rally 2011

Participants of HR Magna Meet rally 2011

Musahar Occupation

Traditional cast occupation of Musahar community, Brahamangorchhari, Siraha

Dom Community Children

Children of Dom community are eating near pig khor.

Dom Economic Empowerment

Dom women involving in their traditional cast occupation

  • Children of Musahar community

  • Children of Mushar (dalit)

  • Chair Person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani

  • Participants of warm clothes in Saptari District 2012

  • Participants of HR Magna Meet Rally - 2014

  • HR Magna Meet Rally - 2012

  • Seminar

  • HR Magna Meet Rally

  • HR Magna Meet rally 2011

  • Musahar Occupation

  • Dom Community Children

  • Dom Economic Empowerment

Welcome to Option Nepal...!!!

Although residing in sensible and developed society of 21st century, for the all rounded fortify of those not being able to have their access in social, economic and political dimensions- dalits and poor factions, particularly female and children of them; for their liberation from continuous exploitation, depression, oppression, deprivation and circumvent happening over them, and for exercise of sovereignty of all human rights including cultural rights by every citizens; this organization was established under ‘organization registration act 2034” B.S. on Poush 12, 2067 (24th Dec. 2010) as a human rights oriented non-government organization. Registered in Kathmandu administration office, this organization is affiliated with social welfare council. Head office being in Kathmandu, its branches are established in many districts.


Nepali society is full of inequality and discrimination. Socio-economic exploitation and oppression, and political denunciation are also had been structural problems for this nation. Option Nepal is therefore dedicated for the solution of these problems and for making intimate, human rights friendly and equitable society.


For ending every forms of discrimination between human-human and make intimate, human rights friendly and equitable society.

  1. True identification of social, economic, educational and political dimensions concerning to dalit, poor, helpless, conflict victims.
  2. Development of skilled manpower.
  3. Advocacy and lobbying for the rights of the target groups.
  4. Increasing access to different opportunity and participation in the state.
  5. Increasing awareness for the brotherhood in the society and work with cooperation.
  6. Guiding towards self reliance through the programs based on local resources and means.
  7. Monitoring, evaluation, direction and investigation
  8. Campaign, dialogue, discussion, seminar, road drama and publicize against human rights violation.
  1. Ending of human rights violation and cruelty, and ascertain the feeling of sovereign human rights and civil rights.
  2. Ending of gender, caste, race and community based discrimination and untouchability, and establishment of social equality and intimacy.
  3. Ending of socio-economic exploitation and oppression; and economic empowerment of dalit and poor citizens.
  4. Ending of political exclusion and deprivation, and build up of proportionate and inclusive government structure.
  5. Control of global warming; and management of social sanitation and balanced ecology.
  1. By ending every level of discrimination we can establish social equality and intimacy.
  2. Development of social awareness regarding the rights can ascertain human rights.
  3. With ending of political exclusion and deprivation, there will be starting of formation of equity oriented society.
  1. Dalit, poor and helpless citizens
  2. Women and children of dalits and poor families,
  3. Women and children of conflict victims, slum and landless farmers.

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