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Option Nepal

Children of Musahar community

Children of Musahar community, Dharampur,Thelia village of Saptari.

Children of Mushar (dalit)

Children of Musahar(dalit) community of Dharampur village in Saptari

Chair Person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani

Chair person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani is distributing warm clothes  in Saptari 2013

HR Magna Meet Rally

Participants of HR Magna Meet Rally 2011

HR Magna Meet rally 2011

Participants of HR Magna Meet rally 2011

Musahar Occupation

Traditional cast occupation of Musahar community, Brahamangorchhari, Siraha

Dom Community Children

Children of Dom community are eating near pig khor.

Dom Economic Empowerment

Dom women involving in their traditional cast occupation

  • Children of Musahar community

  • Children of Mushar (dalit)

  • Chair Person Mr. Bhola Prasad Lohani

  • Participants of warm clothes in Saptari District 2012

  • Participants of HR Magna Meet Rally - 2014

  • HR Magna Meet Rally - 2012

  • Seminar

  • HR Magna Meet Rally

  • HR Magna Meet rally 2011

  • Musahar Occupation

  • Dom Community Children

  • Dom Economic Empowerment

Biography of Chair person Bhola Prasad Lohani

I was born on the early morning on 9th of Ashad 2025 B.S. in a small village named Protaha, ward no. 7 of Gaighat VDC (Now, municipality-5) of Udayapur District. Father Ratilal Lohani and mother Narayan Woti Lohani have had given birth four sons and five daughters, of whom I am second to youngest among the brothers. My father’s ancestral house is in Banarjhula tole, ward no, 3, in Banarjhula VDC of Saptari District. But, nowadays we are living in Itahari, Sunsari.

Because of the suppressing and repressing of the feudalist in the village which has the deep root on feudalism, my father had left the ancestral village by handing it over to his brother; he made his work place in Prataha village of Udayapur district, I was born in the same village and grew up there.

Primary education is completed in my birth place and for higher education I went to my ancestral house in Banarjhula of Saptari district.

I was born in a middle class family. My father was expertise in Ramayana. Our family was religious. Me, who was born in a Hindu culture, is made to be a Christian following my struggle, and because of it whole family became Christian. In my family there is my wife- Pramila Devi Lohani, two sons- Nutan Raj Lohani and Saroj Lohani and similarly, one daughter Prabhat Kiran Lohani. All the family members are active in the field of social work.

The existing ill cultures in the society- social misunderstanding, social untouchability, enmity between humans, poverty, lack of economy, exclusion from fundamental rights and human rights violation are the causes which made me sad from my early childhood and I used to find solutions but solution was far, no solution as I was poor…………….!

I jumped into struggle……, I searched for a way out from the Cooperative institution….., in the subsequent circumstances I registered a Cooperative institution in order to start economic revolution through “Cooperative” movement. Through movement from “women cooperative organization” I want to lead the villagers from the way of economic stability toward economic development, but became unsuccessful, because the village was engulfed with despotism.

In 2052 BS with the starting of Maoist movement, I was been a dirt in the eyes of few people possessing feudalistic attitude. Their eyes stuck on me. In 2056 BS, emergency was implemented. During emergency, the doubtful person could be put in custody for up to 90 days. In those times, some feudalists not only blamed me for being Maoist commander, but making use of their full power and effort, they gave the extreme physical and mental torture. At last, seeing no alternative, they took me to the police with written statement as I being a moist commander……, and pressured the police to shoot me but with God’s hand….., I was saved. Feudalists made me to leave the village leaving all my belongings behind…., we all family members (as saints) came to Kathmandu, searching the rights……; here too we have to suffer a lot.

During my struggle, I came across human rights defenders Binod Vishwokarma and Bhawani Prasad Kharel. While moving without any clear direction for my search for human rights, Brother Bhawani Prasad Kharel made me a member of Amnesty International and I became the member of Amnesty International and still I am.

Relation with the human rights workers and my pain of exclusion from my rights made be human rights activist. Doing works in several institutions and organization, I slowly became aware of the problem and pains of countryside people. I felt very sorry while looking behind the rural citizens. I went on searching solution seeing such a chaos situation, and seeking for solution lead to the birth of an organization- “Option Nepal”. This organization is working for human rights protection and promotion leading to economic development, social development and education development from its very inception, as well as this organization being rural oriented, it is carrying out all of its activities in rural level. And, with the slogan saying “Let’s make intimate, Human Rights friendly and equitable society” Option Nepal is moving forward.

Thank You!!!